I have curated a set of packages to choose from that I believe will fit any couple. However, if none of them feel right we can definitely customize something for you to get your best fit!

Services for every bride From my sassy gems to my shy gals


Starting at $1,299

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This package covers coordination on the day of the wedding as well as getting the moving pieces together the month of the big day. We will have a couple planning meetings to get on the same page and then I will take it from there!

My package for those couples who really just need someone to run things on the big day

Month of coordination

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I offer two additional packages that include partial or full service planning depending on how much you want to tackle on your own. These can be fully customized meaning the prices can fluctuate to match your needs!

These packages are there for those couples who want less to do with planning, more to do with just being engaged

Partial and full service planning

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All floral items are custom works of art. We will work together to bring your vision to life. Florals are priced a bit differently depending on season so inquire to learn about my floral services.

i feel like this one needs no explanation. you want some flowers? let's create!

floral services

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